Didn’t know what to expect with my first cycle of IVF.  Getting diagnosed with infertility was already such a hard blow, and then when we tried so many different methods and procedures and they just kept not working, I was scared and exhausted when it came time to roll out the “big guns.”  Dr. Money was there for me every step of the way, and it really helped that she had been through this too so she knew what she was talking about and could know what I was going through:  all the pre-testing, soooooo many trips to Atlanta for ultrasounds, hundreds of injections, and I’m a wimp, sooo…..,  And then there’s what I thought was the worst part:  the two week wait. I was so anxious, I was beside myself, and she knew what to do to keep me sane.  Our miracle IVF baby  is almost 1 now, and I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. Money’s coaching me through it.  Next time we do IVF again, I’m glad my husband and I don’t have to go through it alone.  She really helped us keep our marriage doing ok throughout it all too, IVF was way too much stress for any couple IMO, but we made it. – T.W.  Georgia


I saw Dr. Money when I was a student at BYU and words can’t express how much she helped me.  I still remember and am still benefitting from her counseling after all these years.  I’ll never forget how she made me feel supported unconditionally and that the faith crisis I was going through wasn’t going to to be the end of me:  just the beginning, in fact.  I felt like my world was about to end, but (and I’ll always remember this) she used an analogy of unpacking/packing a suitcase for the next stage of my life, to examine every piece of clothing carefully, and decide if each one was helping or hurting me, and to only take with me on my faith journey what gave me peace and joy.  Exactly what I needed, and she also helped me with some relationship trouble I was going through (ah, college dating!).   Can’t recommend her enough!      S.H.  – California


I’m a mother of three, was having a LOT of trouble with my middle son, he was refusing to go to bed, did everything he could do keep from going to school, would not let his younger brother alone (teasing, hitting, taking away toys).   Dr. Money came to my house to observe my son, even though we lived way out in the COUNTRY, even in snow.  She asked me ahead of time what behaviors I wanted her to help solve, and then when she came she watched carefully and took notes on how he got along with his brothers, especially when he was doing those things I really wanted to stop.  She kept doing that until she had enough info, and then put together this AMAZING packet for me that was just for him and specific things that needed to happen to stop the behaviors.  Even some great handouts I still have on my fridge for my youngest. 🙂 He did so much better, it was like having my own personal Super Nanny 911, but with a PHD!   R.T – Massachussetts