If you are coming into my office for in-person psychotherapy, please bring a check with you or use paypal.   Credit card options are also available.

If you receiving services from me long-distance, there are 2 options:  check or Paypal.

  1. If by check, you can mail a check to Dr. Kristy Money, 106 Berkeshire Ct, Athens, GA 30606 with enough time to receive by our session date/time.  Another option (usually free to do and you save on postage too) is to contact your bank and they will cut a check for you, they will mail it, and they can guarantee it will arrive by the session date (if you set it up around 5-6 days before the session).   All they need is the name/address to send it to and amount.  This can usually be set up online, over the phone, or in person at your bank if you prefer.  If you are planning on regular sessions, your bank can even set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly checks to be sent and to arrive on time.  They will cancel regular payments hassle-free as soon as you tell them to stop.  Many people pay their bills this way.
  2. Paypal (how people tend to pay for things online such as on Ebay/Etsy and send money to others) is secure, fast, and easy.   And it is 100% free to do, no fees.    Click here to set up a paypal account if you don’t already have one.  Paypal amount deliveries are connected to email addresses, so please specify payment recipient as  kristy.money@gmail.com.   

I am happy to walk all this through with you ahead of time via consultation (phone or email) ahead of time, whatever makes you most comfortable.