Facetime (For Apple-Users)

If you have an iphone, ipad, itouch, or Apple laptop, we can Facetime with with no cost/fees to Apple.  Make sure that you are connected to wifi during the session.  Then plug in my phone # (512-571-0769) and specify that you would like to “facetime” instead of a regular call.    You will be able to see and hear me without needing to plug in a microphone/headset, it is built into your Apple product.  


Skype is also free for US and International users.  Set up your own Skype account here if you don’t already have one.  Once you have your Skype ID, let me know via text, call, or email and I will add you to my contacts.   You can download Skype onto your phone (Skype app), ipad, kindle fire, or laptop, whichever is easiest for you.   Make sure you have a wifi connection and are logged into your skype account at our session time and I will “call” you, hassle-free.   

Google Voice

Google voice works very similarly to Facetime and is possible via Google+.   It works easiest if you have a gmail account/email address.   If you don’t have one yet, click here to set it up.  You can download it onto your phone (Google hangout app), mobile device, or laptop, similar to skype.  Once you are set up, add me (kristy.money@gmail.com) to your Google+ contacts (or send me your gmail address if that’s easier) and be sure to be logged into your google account at the time of the sessions so that I can “invite” you to the private video call.    


For all three options, I will of course be available via phone to walk you through and troubleshoot during our consultation or anytime in case you are experiencing any technical difficulties.  Together we will make sure it all works out and I will be flexible to whatever you feel most comfortable with.  If all this seems intimidating and you’d prefer a regular call without one of the three video teleconfrencing options above, we can do that too.