I’m a licensed psychologist specializing in relationship, sexuality, and infertility counseling, particularly women’s mental health.  I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2010, and afterward I was a Postdoctoral Fellow for Clinical and Support Options, a community mental health center and network of clinics in the serene Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.  My dissertation research focused on suicide prevention within marginalized groups and grief work for family of those who passed away. My emphasis in study and clinical work is centered in infertility counseling, pregnancy and postpartum support, and relationship counseling.  I want to provide resources, reflection, and hope for people going through a diversity of life issues, from:

  • infertility
  • depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum
  • pregnancy/child loss
  • coping with trauma
  • depression
  • finding meaning
  • faith transitions
  • recovering from spiritually abusive families/communities
  • career/individual/family balancing
  • sexual concerns
  • transition to parenthood
  • healing relationships    

I’m a frequent guest on podcasts, and have written articles and book chapters on the subjects of infertility, mourning, faith transitions, and egalitarian relationships. I have been interviewed by the New York Times, Salt Lake Tribune, and Atlanta Constitution Journal, currently finishing my book on infertility and child loss for LDS women.

Kristy side

I’ve lived and worked in Utah, New York City, the Navajo Reservation, Texas, Massachussetts, Brazil, and currently Georgia.  I speak fluent Mormon, but am competent in most religious backgrounds as well as agnosticism/atheism (Ph.D. coursework focused in understanding Spirituality and Psychotherapy).    I serve on the Mormon Mental Health Association Board which provides training in cultural competence for both Mormon and non-Mormon professionals who work with LDS and formerly-LDS patients

My style of counseling is to listen compassionately to understand your situation clearly, help you set realistic goals, and then support you as you take steps to move you toward the results you desire.  Mindfulness is key to success. Given my research/clinical training in grief work, I often conceptualize transitions (whether it be one’s spirituality, pregnancy, parenthood, healing from abuse, chronic illness, depression/anxiety diagnosis, in addition to other losses) in terms of healing through the mourning process and recovery.  

Diagnosed with infertility myself, I have gone through multiple rounds of treatment and IVF, so I can empathize with the unique pain that individuals and couples going through a fertility crisis experience.   


2004-2006 Predoctoral Practicum counseling at Brigham Young University’s Counseling Center
2007-2008 Predoctoral Clerkship counseling at the City University of New York, Bronx
2009-2010 Predoctoral Residency, 4M Youth Services (training in sexual addiction counseling)
2010 Graduated with Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from BYU
2010-2011 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Clinical and Support Options, Western Massachusetts, training in In-Home Child Behavioral Assessment and Neurological Assessment


Georgia Psychologist License #:  PSY003927